Why Would a Man Inject His Balls With Botox?

Alan Nee

Most balls have at least a bit of sag, but some are wrinkly, and some are more wrinkly than others — shockingly wrinkly. And it is no doubt startling to unzip a man’s pants to find a scrotum that looks more like a Shar-Pei than the usual pocket of skin that holds a man’s testicles.

That said, there are few scrotum, if any, that can genuinely be referred to as beautiful. It’s a rare woman who gets excited at the site of the sexual organ, but apparently, that fact isn’t stopping men from reaching for Botox — well, technically making doctor’s appointments — to inject and smooth out their wrinkly testicles.

Botox, or Botulinum toxin, is a protein that blocks the release of neurotransmitter acetylcholine from axon endings at the neuromuscular junction and thus causes flaccid paralysis. In order words, it only seems right that the power of Botox has proven to extend far beyond forehead wrinkles and sweaty armpits. “Scrotox” (a combination of “Botox” and “scrotum”) is is the procedure that smooths out the testicles and only takes about 20 minutes, but it generally requires at least 20 injections and ranges from $500-$800 to look like a ripe plum. Though, because the method only gained notoriety in 2016, there is very little doctors know about side effects beyond immediate soreness, swelling and bruising for a few days following.

“Botox is injected in the scrotal skin, mostly into the dartos muscle, the most superficial muscle. A strong topical anesthetic cream is applied to the scrotum for 30 minutes, so injections are painless,” explains Dr. Marc DuPéré, plastic surgeon and owner of the Visage Clinic in Toronto, who says he has received requests from men of varying sexual identities and ranging from age 19 to age 67. “Because the Botox will diffuse over about a 10mm diameter around the injection site, the cremasteric [or deeper] muscles often get treated too. The Botox will take effect 3–5 days post-treatment and the results will last about 4 months.” Beyond achieving a smoother look, Botox relaxes the muscles and therefore results in lower hanging scrotum. Subsequently, lower hanging balls give the appearance of all-around larger balls. And even if it may be rare for a partner to say, “You know what I would love? If he had bigger balls”, the concept of having “big balls” has somehow evolved in Western society to be directly related to manhood. There is also Botox’s ability to temporarily abolish any sweat secreting from that genital region by blocking the neurotransmitters that stimulate the sweat glands. With less sweat comes less stink too. Still, despite the many benefits of Scrotox, the men I informally discuss the practice with tend to respond with horror. “No, there can’t be anything healthy about that,” one replies. Another insists he’s just not that vain before wincing in predictive pain. When I point to his many painful-looking tattoos, he replies, “The balls are different. They’re sacred.”

Fair enough, I suppose. Perhaps the men I talk to just don’t feel the urgency because their balls are relatively attractive? Maybe they’re too young to see what all the contracting and relaxing over the years can do to their scrotum? Or maybe they’re embarrassed? While John* is willing to open up to me about his procedure he isn’t ready to go on record with his real name. “I did not like the droopy appearance of my scrotum. I was told no sex for 5 days to make sure everything healed.” he tells me. “The procedure was painless. Overall, I couldn’t be happier.”

No matter how hesitant men are when talking to a woman, there is no denying that the number of patients asking for the practice is going up. According to Dr. Norman Rowe, a plastic surgeon and owner a men’s-only surgical clinic in New York City called The Club House, 400–500 men inquired with his office about Scrotox — about a 15 percent increase from the year before.

It’s time to extricate kink from its historical burdens of shame.

The most important question is: Will Scrotox improve a man’s sex life? If a man is feeling insecure about his scrotum’s appearance and amends the issue(s), then the doctor’s visit could have fantastic psychological effects. “Although the penis size is the first attribute a male will prioritize, the scrotum size is a close second,” DuPéré explains. “Having the testes lower in a more normal position will also make [the penis] look longer, fuller, hence manlier. It also allows the testicles to be more ‘reachable’ and ‘caress-able’ in sexual foreplay.” The anonymous man I call John agrees: “I definitely feel better about myself now that I did it.” And while his girlfriend wasn’t a factor in his decision to get Scrotox, he does note that his lady love is very pleased with his new look. “I would highly recommend it,” he says.

Sex Humor Wellness Writer @ Playboy, Allure, Marie Claire, The New York Times, Cosmo, WashPo. Follow IG: @rachelkhona

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